Elegant new mini lipstick packaging released as part of Yuga's latest collection

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Yuga, a company dedicated to offering a wide range of packaging development services, has released a new range of modern stick products to allow firms to offer deluxe products to their customers. The collection features two new mini lipsticks, with the choice of a circular and a square base to suit the needs of the company.

The SA3084 circular case, a mini version of Yuga's popular SA476 model, features a screw close for convenience and is made using aluminum for the outer packaging. This can be dyed to create a product that represents the company's branding. In addition, this material gives the packaging a metallic effect that helps to create a genuinely unique and attractive product. The spiral is made of affordable and versatile PP plastic. 

For the SP3122 square-based mini stick, the cap and base is made of ABS, ensuring that the packaging is long-lasting. The thoughtful design on this packages also creates a lovely gloss effect that is ideal for housing high-end products.

As with all of Yuga's innovative products, exceptional quality is assured thanks to the company's extensive checks and procedures that take place throughout the production process. Moreover, many global brands have recognised Yuga as a key player in the industry as a result of the precision of their processes and, as such, these new offerings are sure to prove very popular.

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