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New Yuga factory reduces waste whilst increasing production capacity

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Since it commenced operation in July, Yuga's new production facility is a perfect example of how modern technology can increase profit and respect the environment.

Yuga has invested USD 15 million in its new factory which is located in Taizhou, an area which is increasingly establishing its presence as a significant Chinese hub for manufacturing.

The production facility benefits from 2 divisions — metal and plastic, and these divisions are combined in order to offer customers an even greater selection of cosmetic and make-up packaging products. Benefiting from a higher level of automation and more workspace, Yuga's new facility is at the forefront of technology and will allow the company to double its capacity for aluminium.

No pollution, no waste

Not only does the new technology benefit the company's output, but it also benefits the environment.

The anodizing workshop has been constructed on an elevated floor to highlight that the facility does not discharge into the ground, therefore ensuring no pollution of the soil or underground water systems. Clean and transparent, the elevated floor visually affirms this environmental message.

Yuga has also incorporated a wastewater treatment facility at its plant in accordance with environmental protection. This treatment facility ensures that current Chinese regulations are surpassed as it has the potential for a zero discharge of wastewater.

Pictured: Aerial image of the new plant, the anodizing workshop (inside and outside)

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