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    Serialization, Simplified. Gain speed to compliance with current and emerging regulations on serialization of prescription medicines.

    Stay connected to your products and markets. Anytime, Anywhere.

    By simplifying the process to assign and apply a unique code to a product, we unleash the power of unique product identification to deliver innovative capabilities. When it comes to helping you accelerate your path to compliance in serialization and product traceability, minimize counterfeiting and grey markets, or innovate with new communication channels and get more market insight, we deliver. We’ve designed an extremely flexible, highly scalable, and quickly deployable unit identification and traceability software suite to help you stay easily connected to your products and create more personalized interactions with your consumers. Anytime, anywhere.

    Our software is simply changing everything.

    The story behind our name and logo

    In french, an “adent” refers to the technic of joining two pieces of wood together so that they become practically inseparable. We chose this name because it symbolizes the primary role of ADENTS : allowing brands to stay in constant connection with their products, wherever they are. Thanks to our serialization and aggregation solutions, the link between the enterprise and its products is never cut, and they can stay connected together potentially forever.

    A never-ending connection

    The logo also embodies this idea of a “never-ending connection” by elegantly blending together the adent, symbol of an inalienable link, and the “infinite” sign used in mathematics.

    Our mission

    Adents was created in 2007 to develop software solutions that identify every unique manufactured product in the world in order to deliver innovative capabilities that:

    • Provide our customers with traceability of their products globally, to better control their supply chain and minimize counterfeiting.
    • Enhance the connection between brands and their customers / users / patients to deliver mission critical information and create new marketing channels.

    Why choose Adents?

    Pure Software Company

    Driven by a shared vision, our goal is to offer you innovative solutions based on a standard software platform dedicated to unique product identification and traceability. That’s what we do best.

    Proven expertise

    Our team members have more than 20+ years of expertise in marking, control and packaging hardware in addition to software developments for product identification and traceability.

    Experience with multiple industries

    Our team has a long history of collaboration with multiple industries. Our rich experience helps us adapt easily to different settings and changing parameters to efficiently address your needs.