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    Aero Pump GmbH

    Aero Pump GmbH

    Aero Pump GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical application systems.

    Aero Pump – an Internationally Successful Family Enterprise

    The company has continued to grow since its foundation in 1976, and today sells over 220 million units around the world annually.

    A commitment to quality, creativity, and an international network of knowledge are the foundations of that growth. The independence that comes with being an owner-run family enterprise allows us to react to customer demands with speed and precision.

    Our headquarters, located at the heart of Europe, represent the consistent implementation of our standards of quality, flexibility, and process orientation.

    Aero Pump is ready for the future. Create your future together with us.


    We Work to Our Customers’ Standards

    When it comes to quality, Aero Pump bases everything it does on pharmaceutical industry guidelines. Our products are optimized for the most sensitive application of all: human health.

    Quality Assurance through Process Optimization

    The modular space concept used at Aero Pump’s production facilities follows stringent GMP guidelines for quality assurance in production processes in the pharmaceutical sector. 

    • Gapless process documentation
      Cutting-edge technology from receipt of goods to materials testing, injection die molding, assembly, and issuing of goods
    • Production in clean-room conditions
      Pursuant to ISO CLASS 7 for injection die molding and assembly
    • Fully automated logistics
      Driverless transport system and fully automated high-bay warehouse as additional safety features
    • Comprehensive quality management
      Over 30 employees are involved in the ongoing verification of standards
    • Process safety
      The latest product flow safety concepts
    • Production flexibility
      Enables fast capacity increases, new production technologies, and short-term product range expansion
    • Close collaboration and direct communication
      With customers, suppliers, and colleagues, to reduce the risk of error

    Product sectors

    • Nasal
    • Ophthalmologic
    • Buccal and otological
    • Topical

    Modular Design for Unlimited Options

    Aero Pump’s pump systems are made of up to 14 parts. The individual modules are designed to create different systems through the replacement of a single part, such as for preservative-free application. Together with a wide range of complementary packaging materials and specially designed systems, the result is a virtually infinite product portfolio.


    Our modular system offers:

    • Screw-on, snap-on, and crimp closures for various glass, PE, and PET containers
    • Protective caps, guide sleeves, etc. in standard and custom colors
    • All-in-one solutions in collaboration with qualified bottle producers and filling plants

    Custom Designs

    Customer requests are what drive our innovation. Our experience and the right partners allow us to develop cost-effective solutions for your specific application needs while working in close collaboration with you. Contact us today!