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    develop your products on a full-service basis, from the initial definition of the product concept through to its market launch. We will support you at every stage by adapting our range of products and services to meet your needs.


    Our marketing department will provide you with support in terms of your strategy and image.
    Our highly enthusiastic marketing team receives each marketing brief submitted to ALPOL Cosmétique and carries out a detailed examination of it in order to source the most suitable active ingredients and textures for you.

    We propose a wide range of textures to meet your needs, a selection of active ingredients meeting your future requirements and help you to make the right choices. As another important component with a high influence on the purchasing decision, the packaging for your product must also be carefully selected based on a clear strategy. We can propose a range of packaging items to you, suited to your concept, the target market for which your product is intended and your budget, etc.


    From the weighing through to the preparation of the bulk batches, our manufacturing process and our organisation are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice enabling us to guarantee absolute traceability from reception of raw materials through to the manufacturing of the finished product.

    Our recent and high-performance machinery enables us to produce all kinds of pharmaceutical products and projects. We are equipped with two types of double-jacketed vacuum tanks which make it possible to produce a variety of batch sizes, from trial batches up to 1800L guaranteeing a perfect transfer to industrial production.

    • Recirculation tanks: this technology enables us to produce extremely fine emulsions even for formulas with a high viscosity. It also offers an excellent dispersion of pigments and powders particularly in sun cream or tanning cream formulas.
    • Conventional tanks with a turbine at the bottom of the tank: this high-performance equipment widely recognised for its quality in the cosmetics industry enables us to produce all kinds of classic emulsions.

    Packing and Packaging

    Our recently upgraded array of machines is constantly improving, enabling us to offer a complete and varied service.

    This includes:

    • Tube filling lines ranging from 3 to 300ml
    • A conventional bottle filling line including pump or airless bottles ranging from 5ml to a litre
    • A pot filling line ranging from 5ml to a litre
    • Plastic ampoule fillers
    • High-performance multi-size labelling machines
    • Automatic boxing machines
    • Cellophane wrapping machines, sealing machines, wrapping and sleeving systems, etc.


    Thanks to its warehouse spanning more than 4000m² with clearly defined storage areas, ALPOL Cosmétique is able to receive and store raw materials intended for production, packaging items, bulk manufactured product awaiting packing, in addition to finished and/or semi-finished products and handle their packing and shipment to the delivery point.

    This warehouse also contains a marked out area for the storage of raw materials considered as hazardous, a cool chain storage area and finally a specific area for acids and basics needing to be identified as such.

    The logistical activities are recorded in our quality system allowing for reliable traceability of the logistical flows for each item.