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    American Aerogel

    American Aerogel

    At American Aerogel, we are dedicated to providing the best products and services available to protect temperature sensitive shipments. Our team of engineers and industry experts are passionate about temperature control and work hard to provide you with insulated packaging solutions that will best fit your needs.

    Since the beginning, we set out to revolutionize temperature sensitive shipping with our high performance and proprietary insulation called Aerocore®, a vacuum insulated panel (VIP) technology. Our customers have been consistently amazed at how well Aerocore-based products protect their contents from unpredictable, harsh, and seasonal ambient conditions – a track record we are proud of.

    But that was just the beginning.

    Since then, we have taken our expertise and applied it to phase change material (PCM) in order to develop highly effective, yet simple, pack-outs for our products. Combining advanced technology with experience, we offer ready-made products as well as world class custom design. When you buy from American Aerogel, you can trust that your payloads are protected.

    Why partner with American Aerogel?

    With our ISTA certified laboratory and multi-chamber testing facility, we have complete control over the design and prequalification process. If you are looking for a partner that can solve your toughest temperature control challenges, the American Aerogel team is equipped to respond. With a vast manufacturing space, our infrastructure reflects our commitment and positions American Aerogel as a partner that can meet your most challenging packaging needs.