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Anisa International commemorates 15 years of brush making at Anisa Tianjin

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As the beauty industry’s cosmetic brush authority, Anisa International marks 15 years of manufacturing excellence at its brush facility in Tianjin, China. Opened in 2003, Anisa Tianjin was designed to be a fully-owned operation dedicated to safer and cleaner manufacturing processes with complete control from R&D to final brush production.

Today, Anisa International continues a commitment to set new sustainable standards of innovation, social and environmental responsible practices. At Anisa, we believe that what touches your face matters. This philosophy has been a driving force behind our mission of transparency and award-winning innovation including The New Naturals, a patent-pending, synthetic fiber collection that has resulted in ending the use of all animal fiber. Today, these fibers make up 100 percent of Anisa International’s business.

Employing over 500 engineers, artisans and production staff, Anisa’s passion for philanthropy is at the core of who they are as a global organization. Not only does the Anisa Tianjin team strive to better the environment but they are dedicated to giving back to the community in which they live and work. Similar to the US team, Anisa Tianjin employees participate in multiple charitable initiatives throughout the year and work closely with local orphanages to provide supplies and resources to children in need.

With a strong foundation grounded in purposeful artistry, passionate innovation and unwavering excellence, the company remains an authority in the brush manufacturing industry while putting their community, environment and brand partners first.

In addition to this exciting 15 year milestone, Anisa is also honored to be named a 2018 Estee Lauder Supplier of Excellence, recognizing best-in-class cosmetic suppliers for their operational excellence and outstanding performance in innovation, sustainability and agility.

“I’m so thankful to our Anisa Tianjin team and proud of the progress we have made as a global organization,” said Anisa Telwar Kaicker. “Our fully integrated manufacturing process proves our commitment to corporate sustainability and we w ill to continue to lead and raise the bar in the beauty industry.”

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  • Modified 18 Jan 2019
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