Rigorously Tested 40mm ratchet E-Commerce Foamer Pump

APG´s rigorously tested E-commerce Foamer Pumps are ideal for end users who prefer to purchase cosmetic products online. Unfortunately, the shipping process can be a bit bumpy along the way to the point of delivery which is why packaging without E-commerce capabilities is more likely to be damaged during transit, causing customer satisfaction to be negatively impacted.

APG´s ISTA- 6 capable and E-commerce capable packaging can withstand vibration, shock, compression, and pressure changes during shipping. The 40 mm ratchet E-Commerce Foamer Pump works with standard foamer bottles. No special bottle features such as ratchets or lock-keys are required. The foamer pump also utilizes a standard foamer engine which eliminates the need for reformulation of existing products. The pumps´ up-lock design does not require an over-cap, reducing the overall plastic used for a more eco-friendly dispensing system.

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