Chic, Clean & In-Stock Cosmetic Treatment Airless Packs

APG presents clean, chic, and In-Stock airless pack solutions for cosmetic brands. These 15ml & 50ml airless packs are lightweight and protect cosmetics from premature expiration. The 15ml and 50ml standard airless packs are available in pure white and are ideal for eye care serums, liquid treatments, hair care, and various beauty and personal care markets.

Dosage outputs vary; for example, the 15ml airless pack has an output of 0.2cc, while the 50ml gives an output of 1.0cc. The airless packs are made of polypropylene plastic (PP), and customization options include hot stamping, silk screening, embossing, debossing, spray finishes, and a host of other decoration options.

Headquartered in southern California, the APG team enjoys close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. They offer endless capabilities helping brands deliver pleasing customer experiences with sustainable and effective product lead times from concept to the customer in 6-12 months.

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