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    Established in the 90's, Applic’Etains has become tin label manufacturer world leader.

    Applic'Etains’ vast experience in the creation of adhesive tin labels has confirmed its position as world leader. The easy ways to decorate personalise and enhance your products making them stand out from paper labels.  Tin offers an array of advantages: aestheticism, sheen, relief, an exceptional image and optimal ease of use.

    By choosing Applic'Etains, you benefit from the expertise of a Master-Craftsman, unique industrial manufacturing methods, resources and the experience of a supplier whose organisation is focused on ”tailor-made”, guaranteeing an evolutionary product which corresponds perfectly to your requirements.

    Our versatility is demonstrated by the diverse applications of our products: wines, beers, spirits, glassware, perfumes, cosmetics, gift box packaging, promotional products, etc.Today we can now offer an even wider range:

    • Different colours of tin
    • A choice of patina colours for an original finish
    • Possibility of applying a thicker or magnetic adhesive