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    The EveryDrop™ Platform Ensures Zero Product Waste is Left in Packs

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    Innovation is stuck. To flow, we need invention.

    EveryDrop™ technology is eliminating waste in consumer products from leftover formula to increased recycling while simultaneously improving user experience.

    The EveryDrop™ Platform

    Created by LiquiGlide for the consumer product industry, the EveryDrop™ dispensing platform is an innovative tool for product developers to create new user experiences and differentiate from competitors while achieving their sustainability goals.

    The company has introduced a durable slippery technology —based on the patented science of liquid-impregnated surfaces— that guarantees packaging solutions such as tottles are able to deliver a complete product evacuation without compromising the formula in any shape or form. Not a single drop of the product attaches to the tottle’s inner surface, instead, it slides through the pack, providing a smooth zero-product-waste innovation.

    Customers are set to receive a revolutionary packaging solution that ensures they get to use or consume every last drop of the product. As if that wasn't enough, it drastically enhances sustainability as there is no leftover, no need to clean the packaging after it's been used for proper disposal and recycling - and because it simplifies dispensing, products can now be thicker, even concentrated, enabling the use of smaller packaging without sacrificing value to the consumer. And smaller packaging, of course, means more product can fit into each shipment, resulting in lower transport costs and fuel emissions.

    That's why the EveryDrop™ dispensing platform is the ultimate definition of packaging innovation: there is no product waste, no leftover formula, no hassle to recycle, and no excess packaging weight. Brands can start to take advantage of this cutting-edge functionality now, enabling new experiences and innovating their formulations.

    Applications in the Industry

    As mentioned before, packages designed with EveryDrop™ principles allow complete evacuation, but that's not where user experience stops. The technology also enhances hygiene, as a matter of fact, LiquiGlide has already proven its revolutionary ability to upgrade personal care routines with a hygienic facial moisturizer stock package (1.7oz) and a sustainable body moisturizer (8oz) tottle that tackle skincare solutions like no other technology on the market.

    Plus, EveryDrop™ technology is specifically designed with product safety in mind, meaning it is also incredibly useful for the food industry. LiquiGlide has already begun to adapt the technology for thick dairy products like mayonnaise, cream cheese spread, sour cream, etc. closing the door on the idea of hammering out packs to try and get the most out of your favorite mayo. No customer will hesitate at a repeat purchase, strengthening brand loyalty like few solutions have done before.

    Want to learn more? Contact the LiquiGlide team now and find out how you too can join the zero-waste revolution.

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