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    We develop technologies and formulas for high-impact products, unlocking possibility today with tomorrow’s ideas.

    What if modern science could spark a sustainability revolution?

    Introducing Arnasi, from the expert team behind LiquiGlide®.


    Transforming the way people engage with products and the planet. Our passion drives us to develop products that have a high impact on our customers' lives and limit those products' impact on the planet.

    • Beauty: Transcending traditional industry expectations, standards and development, we create product experiences that align with consumers’ wellness and sustainability priorities.
    • Biomedical: From device improvement to drug delivery to manufacturing, processing and distribution – patient outcome and experience drive our solutions.
    • Beyond: Our labs are inspired by our customers, we dream for them and with them and truly believe that by infusing the power of science into everyday products we can change lives.



    Infusing sustainable innovation into brands pushing the status quo. Engineering unique product experiences for visionary brands, we are a catalyst for growth. The intersection of science, sustainability and surprise is where the revolution begins.

    • Private Label: We specialize in taking your product aspirations and bringing them to life in our labs.
    • Contract Manufacturing: Our team of experts can support manufacturing novel end-to-end turnkey innovations, aligning our experience with your goals.
    • Partnerships: We engage with partners to manufacture turnkey solutions to fulfill unmet needs for high-value biomedical applications.


    Bringing sustainable technology out of the lab and into real life. From engineers to brand and product specialists, our inter-disciplinary team of experts delivers original ideas, formulations, products and experiences grounded in science, better for people and the planet.