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    Attop Packaging

    Attop Packaging

    Attop Packaging Inc. is a manufacturer of caps, sprayers, pumps, plastic soft tubes, bottles, jars, and containers.

    Attop Packaging is a manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials which include caps, sprayers, pumps, plastic soft tubes, airless bottles, acrylic jars, acrylic bottles, lip balm containers and cosmetic compacts. Attop provides her customers with quality products that strictly follow the international quality management system ISO9001 : 2000, offering the best quality ones at a competitive price along with the best services.

    Attop has established her a well-known supplier of packaging materials in North America. The products are widely used by the world famous brand makers and the private label manufacturers of health and beauty products in North America. The inventories in North America help her customers to greatly reduce their lead time.

    Attop Packaging is trying her best to make her clients successful by being a great manufacturing base in China and a service increment platform in North America.
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