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    Baralan offers a wide array of solutions for the cosmetic and personal care sectors, including bottles, jars, closures, dispensers, and accessories.

    Global Packaging Solutions for the Cosmetic Industy

    Founded in1962, Baralan International S.p.A created a brand name which today is recognized as a point of reference in the world of packaging for the Cosmetic Industry.

    Through a dynamic, resourceful and flexible organization, Baralan operates in more than 60 countries worldwide faithful to its mission: Full Packaging Service.

    Full Packaging Service

    International vocation, operational flexibility, logistic efficiency and continuous investments in research and development, allow the Group today to satisfy every requirement of a market which is in constant evolution.

    Through an experienced sales team the commercial offer is focused on skin care, colour cosmetics  and fragrances, including a wide range of standard products destined to the Cosmetic Industry: glass bottles and jars complete with closures and accessories together with a growing number of proposals for plastic containers, on which the Group is significantly investing, to further diversify its own range of standard products. All products, both glass and plastic, can be personalized through decorations done with the most modern technologies.

    The availability of warehouses in various locations around the world, together with a careful inventory management, allow our customers to also order limited quantities of their products from the area more convenient to them.


    Baralan, through a dedicated team of engineers and designers, also develops and produce customized projects which combined with standard products can often become a complete and exclusive solution for packaging and economically more accessible.

    Packaging is our passion

    Collaboration, Passion, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation are the values with which the whole Baralan Group approaches the market, to meet one’s own objectives of growth committed to the following intentions:

      Introduce to the market a range of products of high quality in able to anticipate and satisfy the consumer’s requirements with the adequate attention to environmental and social issues

    Establish long lasting partnerships with customers and sources of supply to reach the goals of mutual success. 

    Create a working environment where employees can feel inspired and involved with motivation and team spirit.