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    Bausch + Stroebel

    Bausch + Stroebel

    We design, build and sell packaging and production systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries

    Your product - safely packed with a Bausch + Ströbel machine

    Our range of products is specifically designed for the primary packaging of pharmaceutical products. The machines fall into 5 categories depending on the type of container required for the medication to be filled.

    Aseptic processing in particular is regulated by GMP and FDA guidelines as well as other directives which provide the foundation for the concept and design of our production systems.

    High-capacity production lines for complex customized solutions are assembled from individual machine modules with integrated handling, conveying and air processing systems for barrier and isolator technology.


    • Ampoules
    • Bottles and Vials
    • Single-use syringes - PROCESSING IN NEST
    • Single-use syringes - PROCESSING INDIVIDUALLY
    • Cartridges
    • Insulin pens

    Policy and goals: to provide the best technical and economical answers to the challenges presented by the world market.

    With this clearly defined company goal in mind, we design, build and sell packaging and production systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries. From modest beginnings more than 45 years ago - with only 4 people - Bausch+Ströbel has developed into an international enterprise. It is now one of the leading manufacturers in pharmaceutical packaging.

    Further major company principles are:

    • The know-how and competence of our qualified and highly motivated personnel are the basis for the success and future development of our company.
    • Teamwork in a co-operative atmosphere, job satisfaction, responsibility and willingness to make decisions are pillars of our company strategy.
    • Continuity by in-house training and encouragement of the up-and-coming generation.
    • Our global network of associated companies has the advantage that we are at our customers' doorstep.

    Service and guarantee for lasting reliability

    The engineering department is largely responsible for the quality and durability of our products; firstly because of the high percentage of individual parts and components produced in-house and secondly due to the team organization within the assembly of the final product.

    A filling and packaging line for the pharmaceutical industry is a significant investment which should therefore work at optimum capacity without malfunctions that could result in production downtime.

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