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Today we have some very exciting news to share with you. Introducing new products into our range is always exciting. This time it gets even more exciting. The colours. The shape. The closures!

As you know packaging is vital to the perceived value of a brand. How your product looks on the shelf massively influences whether someone will buy it or not, especially in today’s customer driven market.

“The exciting thing about our new Pill and Vitamin Jars is that they have been specifically designed to make pharmaceutical and nutritional packaging pop, compared to other competitors on the shelf.” - Dan Clark, Head of Sales, Bluesky Solutions

Using top quality PET polymer from an approved supply chain, these jars have a unique shape and attractive style that will help your products stand out on the shelf. Not only do they have a beautiful shape we also offer them in 7 different colours including a clear option.

What’s more is that our minimum order quantities and lead times are the same regardless of which colour you choose. So, there’s no excuses for being boring.

Moving on to the closures. When it comes to delighting your customers, a jar with a simple snap closure is not enough anymore.

“Consumers are looking for new technologies and innovative solutions. We took this into careful consideration when making the decision to add these products to the Healthpack collection for pharmaceutical and nutrition brands.” - Adrian Wade, Head of Supply Chain at Bluesky Solutions

These new Vitamin Jars have a Child Resistant closure with a ribbed edge and pictorial top depicting the ‘top palm-and-turn’ opening method. Handy for when your products are distributed in multiple languages.

The Pill Jar takes the popular Flip-Top-Snap Cap. A closure that is designed to meet both manufacturer and consumer needs. The cap ‘snaps on’ quickly and efficiently on the filling line for the consumer to ‘flip’ open, once the seal is broken of course.

Even better is the option of adding an integrated desiccant to the closure. Here the cap contains a little pouch of silica gel pearls to absorb any excess moisture in the container and protect your product for longer.

And the pièce de résistance is the addition of a shock absorbing space filler, sometimes known as a Spring Snap. Gone are the days of popping cotton wool fillers into the top of your jars, the Flip-Top-Snap with shock absorber incorporates a spring system to protect the contents during transit.

Last but not least, each production batch is quality controlled with an electric registration system at every stage. These jars are produced in accordance with HACCP, GMP & GHP to ISO 22000: 2005 standards.

We think they’re pretty awesome. But don’t just take our word for it, request a sample and see for your yourself.

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