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Reduce costs and improve production efficiencies by ordering packaging from stock

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Speed to market is essential in the beauty, health and wellbeing markets and stock packaging offers a cost-effective alternative to custom packaging for brand owners to get your product innovations to market faster.

Reduce warehousing and packaging inventory costs

Holding stock can be costly and take up valuable warehouse space. When you buy packaging materials in large quantities, larger than required for the immediate use on a production line, you start to incur additional costs. The cost savings from buying the goods in bulk may be eating into profit margins as well as increasing warehousing and inventory costs, meaning that the immediate benefits of ordering bulk quantities are no longer benefits.

Ordering the packaging quantities you need when you need them from a packaging company can be a cost effective solution that not only reduces warehousing costs, but can also contribute to production efficiencies. To support Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturing principles some companies offer call-off options where they hold larger quantities of stock for you to ‘call off’ when you need them to an agreed schedule. Which means you only receive the packaging stock you need at the time you need it, there’s no wasted stock to store after the production run. You still get the cost saving benefit of ordering bulk quantities without the additional storage costs.

"By making use of our call-off option we hold your packaging stock for you which means you don’t incur extra costs and can protect your profit margins." - Rodney Fleck, Key Account Manager, Bluesky Solutions

Reduce packaging lead times and increase speed to market

Lengthy packaging manufacturing lead times majorly hamper the speed to market for new products and can cause issues for stock replenishment of fast-moving lines. Packaging products ordered direct from suppliers, particularly in the far east can take weeks, even months which can impact product launch dates and you might risk letting customers down if stocks don’t arrive in time. As well as long production and shipping lead times from overseas suppliers, port delays and customs checks also play a big part in the availability of your products.

Speed to market is so very important in the beauty, health and wellbeing industry. Everything about life has got faster including how dramatically the speed of current trends and consumer demands for newness are changing. The growth of VMS and sports nutrition markets with novelty nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products hitting the market means that brand owners and manufacturers need to keep with the pace in order to keep up with competitors.

Buying stock packaging products enables you to act on demand as the buying trends swiftly change. With a vast variety of packaging in stock that is easily customisable you can reduce the amount of time it takes for your products to reach the market.

“By offering packaging from stock on-demand we help brands get their new products to market much more quickly, sometimes up to 90 days faster than choosing custom packaging. Stock packaging offers a flexible solution not just for new product launches but also range extensions, seasonal lines and limited editions to meet fast changing consumer demands.” - Dan Clark, Sales Manager, Bluesky Solutions

Reduce your packaging costs

High tooling costs are unavoidable when choosing to have your own bespoke packaging containers produced. This takes a long time from the making of the tooling to the production of the packaging containers. Also high minimum order quantities have to be met, again, pushing up your costs and slowing down the speed to market of your product.

The cost savings for stock packaging compared to custom tooling starts from a few thousand pounds for a simple cap to tens of thousands for complex customisation for jars, bottles and containers.

Ordering your primary packaging from stock can enable you to get your products to market faster without compromising on packaging quality or the shelf appeal of your product. The tooling is already made, keeping costs low, and lead times short. Choosing a packaging company in the UK can help prevent packaging delivery delays. The vast range of packaging product choices means you are able to find unique packaging that perfectly suits your needs and these are often available from stock.

Stock packaging also offers lower minimum order quantities which helps brands of all sizes reach the market faster.

“Stock products have a quick turnaround and huge cost savings, not just for complete line launches but also for Limited Editions or seasonal products, products that require faster speed to market and have lower start up and capital investment costs.” - Rhiannon Wade, Purchasing Manager, Bluesky Solutions

Simplify your packaging supply chain

It’s complicated when trying to do business with somebody that speaks a different language. The misunderstandings and misconceptions can be quite spectacular. Trying to work with time differences between several suppliers of your packaging across multiple countries can mean early starts and late finishes. Dealing with multiple suppliers for packaging across multiple countries can also create a lot more work.

Let go of your worry about language or communication barriers, expensive trips abroad and long lead times. Choosing a UK based packaging company means that these issues are no longer yours. Take advantage of the strong relationship that packaging stockists have with packaging suppliers around the world. Let them sort the expenses and complications for you.

“Because of our strong relationship with our suppliers we are able to provide our customers with all the product information they need including product samples.” - Adrian Wade, Head of Supply Chain, Bluesky Solutions

Why choose Bluesky for your stock packaging?

At Bluesky we hold production volumes of containers, bottles, jars, perfume sprays, droppers, pump dispensers and closures in stock. Plus, we offer same day dispatch from our warehouse in Lincolnshire for stock orders placed before 1:30pm. Helping your product take as little time as possible to reach the market.

To make our customers lives easier we allocate one main point of contact, that means even if you are ordering multiple packaging lines you’ll still speak to the same person.

Our call-off order option means that you can order bulk packaging volumes without taking up space in your warehouse. When you have a call-off order with Bluesky lead times are no longer an issue. When you’re ready to receive your packaging stock let us know before 1:30pm and we’ll dispatch same day!

Bluesky’s packaging from stock can be made exciting by using simple methods such as embossing, labelling, printing, different coloured caps/containers to make your products stand out. All quick ways to make your product interesting and different from others.

“Stock packaging is an at-the-ready, blank canvas that any brand can affordably alter to suit their needs. As well as the big cost savings and quick turnaround stock packaging enables brands to develop packaging that looks custom made.” - Adrian Wade, Head of Supply Chain, Bluesky Solutions

Shop from our wide range of packaging stock online or get in touch with our expert packaging team to discuss your requirements, get a quote or request a product sample.

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