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The demand for environmentally-friendly, sustainable packaging continually grows across the UK. According to a Sustainable Packaging study, 92% of consumers say that sustainable packaging is more important than ever. This means it’s crucial for brand owners to be aware of the impact the packaging they choose has on the environment, and subsequently the effect it will have on brand perception.

The products that receive our designated “ECOPACK” sustainable packaging status are the perfect offering for businesses keen to demonstrate their environmental credentials. Let’s take a look at what makes this accreditation so valuable to the products on the market.

A study conducted by Unilever found that 21% of consumers actively choose brands that make their sustainability credentials clear on packaging and marketing materials. As many as 33% of consumers are now choosing to buy from brands that are conscious of the environment. Savvy companies are utilising this to leverage brand growth and customer base expansion.

What is ECOPACK?

ECOPACK is the Bluesky Solutions designation for our most eco-friendly products. To qualify, a product must be recyclable, reusable or renewable.

To qualify as recyclable a product must be 100% recyclable, easy to recycle, and accepted in most kerbside recycling.

To qualify as re-usable a product must be re-usable in a recycled form, such as plastic recycled into PCR or aluminium, which is endlessly recyclable. Re-using these useful materials decreases energy usage and reduces air and water pollution.

To qualify as renewable a product must be made using materials that are permanently available, such as aluminium. It must also not be made from resources such as coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas.

Products that meet any one of the above criteria are awarded the ECOPACK designation.

Why did Bluesky introduce ECOPACK?

We recognised the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging, so we introduced the ECOPACK designation to guide our customers towards the most eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions for their products.

ECOPACK helps our customers to identify packaging solutions that are:

Products with the ECOPACK designation offer a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution for every brand owner. This promotes trust in your brand, especially amongst environmentally aware consumers.

Energy Efficient
It takes about half as much energy to produce eco-friendly packaging compared to packaging produced using alternative materials. An article by BPF energy has found that organisations that have implemented sustainable packaging options have achieved an energy usage reduction of up to 30-50%. Choosing ECOPACK products can help you reduce your energy usage and lower your carbon footprint.

Which Bluesky ranges offer ECOPACK?

Aluminium is a packaging material that is not destroyed after use but can be endlessly recycled, meaning it is officially referred to as a ‘permanently available resource’. As a result, our Aluminium range has been awarded the ECOPACK designation.

All of our aluminium products are 100% recyclable and re-usable, which puts these products firmly in the ‘good books’ of today’s environmentally conscious consumers, and our aluminium jars are made with 50% recycled material. There are a number of other advantages that aluminium offers including great flexibility for decoration options, and being lightweight, durable and extremely versatile. It can also be used to package cosmetic products such as creams.

We have awarded our PET bottles the ECOPACK designation because they are 100% recyclable and can be made from recycled plastic material. PET is one of the most common packaging options on the market due to its lightweight and recyclable packaging credentials as well as its ability to increase the shelf-life of your products.

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