BLUESKY's aluminium range: Eco solutions with premium styling

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We all want more from our packaging - more great designs, more premium styling, more eco solutions. Well, the great news is that BLUESKY’s aluminium packaging range of bottles and tins delivers exactly that.

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As one of the most environmentally friendly materials out there, aluminium packaging is the perfect way to show your consumers that they’re buying into one of the very best packaging materials.

A recyclable, reusable super material

"Aluminium offers many advantages. It's a recyclable and reusable supermaterial which benefits you, your customers and our world. We care about providing you with products that enhance consumer appeal, brand value and that contribute to a sustainable, circular economy. Aluminium is a permanently available resource that is infinitely recyclable without compromising the quality of the substrate."

BLUESKY's aluminium products

Aluminium Bottles: Offered in a range of volumes, Bluesky Solutions can supply aluminium bottles from 30ml to 1 litre in capacity. The bottles can be customised with a range of different decoration options, plus matching pumps and closures can be requested to complete your pack.


Aluminium Tins: BLUESKY's aluminium tins are available in a range of sizes from 10ml up to 250ml and are especially ideal for personal care and home care products. With their matching closures, aluminium tins also offer the brands the opportunity to utilize embossing or debossing decoration techniques for a pack that both looks good and feels good.


Closures & Dispensers: Not only does Bluesky Solutions offer aluminium containers that can be used for personal care, home care or beverage products, the company can also supply a variety of closures and dispensers that provide the perfect complement including screw caps, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, disc tops, flip tops, trigger sprays and atomiser sprays, so that if you have a product idea that you want to bring to life, Bluesky Solutions can deliver your vision — just ask!

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