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BLUESKY offers new capabilities for the manufacture of Tubes, Pouches and Powders

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Bluesky welcomes three new capabilities to its manufacturing family.

In line with BLUESKY's growth strategy, three new capabilities have been added to the manufacturing family. BLUESKY now offers the development and manufacturing of powder-based products, with the powder filling operation, in addition to tube and pouch filling.

Bluesky develop new capabilities for the manufacture of Tubes, Pouches and Powders

The waterless trend continues to grow, with powder products across hair and skin care addressing the demand for more sustainable products and engaging textures.

BLUESKY is committed to supporting a circular economy. We can all make a positive impact by choosing to reduce, refill and reuse. Due to the lightweight properties of the pouch, in conjunction with a refillable packaging format, such as aluminium bottles, we can reduce the amount of plastic we use. The pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions (100ml-2 litre), with BLUESKY supplying the packaging as well as a full-service offer.

Tubes with diameters from 20mm-50mm and between 10-300ml can now be filled at BLUESKY. Tubes are a popular pack choice, for a range of product applications across the personal care, home care and health & wellbeing categories.

Danny Shiels, Head of Operations said: “BLUESKY are pleased to be able to offer tube, pouch, and powder filling to our customers. We recognise the demand for all three formats and are well positioned to deal with a range of MOQs.”

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