Sustainable Shaker Can: Food and Spice

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BlueSky's Shaker Can, when paired with the snap-on multi-hole cap, provides an ideal and eco-friendly solution for powder and dry free flowing products like spices and seasoning.

It ensures effortless usage and consistent, fine distribution of the product. Additionally, the container is refillable and reusable.

The food-grade lacquers and inks used on the aluminium can are BPA non-intent, which makes it an excellent packaging option for food items.

The aluminium can is also light-proof, robust and stainless, creating an ideal packaging solution for the kitchen environment. Stains and spillages from cooking are easily wiped away and the ingredients are protected from the light, reducing natural reactions and degradation. 

The use of aluminum for spices and seasoning, as opposed to glass, provides a stronger structure that will not shatter or break when dropped from a counter or knocked from a cupboard. 

Brands can incorporate the natural iconic look of the aluminum, or equally apply BlueSky's decorative service which includes 8 colour print, glossy, semi-matt or matt over lacquer. 

• Functional
• Light
• Unbreakable and robust
• Economical
• Lightproof
• Refillable
• Comfortable application
• Recyclable and sustainable
• Stainless

Learn more about the Shaker Can in the product brochure or contact the team at BlueSky

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