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    Bormioli Pharma

    Bormioli Pharma

    Bormioli Pharma is a leading European packaging supplier for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food markets.

    Bormioli Pharma is in continuous expansion. Its strategic importance is testified to by its various different plants scattered across Europe, and by the number of prestigious collaborations it enjoys with many of the most important pharmaceutical companies.

    The Bormioli Pharma is globally renowned for the quality and degree of innovation of its products. The company currently employs over 900 people, and runs 5 plants specialized in the manufacture of glass and plastic packaging.

    The Bormioli Pharma offers a huge range of glass packaging for the pharmaceutical market, and stands out for its quality, technological innovation and commercial services. It boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including 6 furnaces dedicated to the creation of both tubular and molded glass packaging products.

    Our product range is completed by a broad spectrum of plastic packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food sectors. This too is based on highly sophisticated materials and technologies that guarantee our ability to satisfy the need for chemical stability, dimensional precision and mechanical resistance... not forgetting practicality and design factors.

    In its untiring quest for quality, the Bormioli Pharma focuses strongly on personnel programs, implements the strictest manufacturing procedures and constantly invests in technologies and facilities; from clean rooms for preventing particle contamination to increasingly efficient and sophisticated control systems.

    All this in order to ensure packaging products that fully comply both with client company specifications and elevated health and hygiene standards. A precise mission lies behind these demanding commitments: to stand by the side of pharmaceutical companies and satisfy every request for improvement and product packaging need.