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    Capp-Plast srl

    Capp-Plast srl

    Multifunctional packaging: storage units, pallets, bottles, bags and reels.

    About us

    The 50-year period since Capp Plast’s formation is marked by the artful proposal of solutions designed to meet the modern packaging industry's changing demands. Our corporate history commenced in 1960, and the Flexible Packaging Film Department's main product was the so-called 'stitched bag', which was highly appreciated by the textile sector. But the company artfully entered other market niches too.

    Capp Plast’s typical trait over the years was its skill to anticipate its clients’ production needs by managing investments and innovation, rationalising production, extending corporate activity with the Injection Department to produce large polyethylene storage units and pallets, and with the Bottles Department for the cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

    The company’s transparent, absorbing history unfolds keeping abreast with the times. Inspired by the philosophy 'problem elimination through prevention', we invest in quality and systematic organisation of corporate processes, attempting to meet customer demands in the three reference production sectors – storage units, bottles and flexible packaging.

    Capp Plast is organised in three departments that, with different quotas, have ensured steady development in terms of turnover, production volumes and technical, quality know how over the years. Each of the three departments successfully operates in specific business sectors.

    The Storage and Pallets Department specialises in the production of large polyethylene storage units and pallets to meet agricultural and industrial demands. As the company’s “core business”, it offers clients innovative solutions in the field of goods handling, storage and preservation. Equipped with a complete range of presses (900 – 5,500 tons power), it offers the utmost flexibility to meet the agricultural and industrial markets’ demands. The production of 700,000 storage units a year positions the company as a European leader.

    The Bottles Department with blowing (24 units) and stretch-blowing processes (2 units that start from PET pre-moulds), and silkscreen printing (4 machines) can easily produce over 150 million bottles a year. It is, doubtless, a sector that will develop its designing activity and quality to maintain and increase its clientele.

    Half a century’s work has enabled the Flexible Packaging Department (Film) to develop and design a complete product range that fully meets the requirements of client’s industrial and sales processes. 10,000 tons of extruded polyethylene and 150 million bags printed with max. 8 colours and welded every year ensure its high end position in the national and European market.