CBX Spoon from Cardbox Packaging wins at OBAL ROKU 2020

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We are pleased to announce that our company, Cardbox Packaging, is the winner of the Czech national packaging competition OBAL ROKU 2020 in the category of Food Packaging. Our spoon, which was created in cooperation with Greiner Packaging GmbH, is made solely of cardboard, is fully recyclable, and thus helps to reduce the worldwide use of plastics.

Due to the ban on disposable plastic cutlery in the EU from 2021-2022, our spoon is an innovative and ecological solution, even with it being printed and varnished. The material used does not contain any traces of plastic and is 100% safe for direct food and mouth contact.

We’ll be officially awarded on 15 October at the Gala Evening of OBALKO Congress in Prague.


CBX Spoon is protected as a utility model. Our company, along with Greiner Packaging GmbH, thus owns the exclusive production rights. A promising alternative to plastic food spoons is already having a good response from customers. Although the shelf life of the product is limited, it fulfills its purpose 100%.


The product is made of carton-board. Thanks to the shape representing a spoon, the food is well captured at its edges and does not overflow. For the time being, the given product does not allow for endless or long-term use, which is why it belongs in the category of classic disposable foodservice products with a limited lifespan.


Because the spoon is easy to fold, it can be attached on the product, or even inserted into the lid of yogurt. One of the other advantages of CBX Spoon, apart from environmental circumstances, lies in the printing options, which creates an unmissable message to consumers.


The spoons are delivered to customers half-folded by machine. The consumer can very easily unfold the product and start using it immediately. The assembly also ensures the logistics and protection of the product, as in the folded state the chance of damage to the structure is minimal.


From 1/01/2021, disposable plastic cutlery is banned in France, and starting in 2022 throughout the EU. In this way, we have given rise to a suitable alternative, the existence of which has a promising future given the numerous advantages of plain cardboard material.

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