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Multipack for desserts educates consumers to recycle correctly

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The multipack trend has mainly affected food products. The new multipack for Míša cheesecake desserts brings a family pack to the market, which is not only cost-effective for the end consumer, but also emphasizes sustainability, as it is made paper that is also  recyclable. The hotmelt applied on the bottom part, covered with a silicone strip, facilitates subsequent assembling during the final packaging of the products. The finished carrier can hold up to four cheesecakes, making it easy to handle when purchasing larger quantities. Short messages within the traditional graphics guide consumers to sort waste correctly, giving an educational function.


The very nature of full-cardboard packaging allows a wide range of possibilities in terms of printing technologies. As part of the sustainability requirements, Cardbox Packaging has used recycled material that is also recyclable. A hotmelt adhesive is prepared on the bottom of the carrier, but the amount does not affect the recyclability of the product. It is precisely because the packaging is filled at the customer’s site that the adhesive is covered with silicone tape during transport to prevent the packaging from sticking together.


The flat design allows the packaging easy transport to the customer, saving plenty of space during the transportation. The following assembling process is fast and efficient at the same time, and the finished carrier can hold up to four cheesecake desserts. The final idea was to make it easier for end consumers to handle large quantities of goods.


The emphasis on sustainability is also evident in the graphics, where the print with visible fibres in the background evokes recycled paper. The classic Míša brand graphic corresponds with the graphics of the cheesecake dessert cups, and short messages guide consumers to sort waste correctly. Therefore having an educational function.


The Míša multipack for cheesecake desserts is designed especially for families which normally buy large quantities of similar products. Larger quantities per pack:

  • increases the visibility of the product at the point of sale
  • offers the possibility of various price promotions
  • also increases the space to send messages to consumers and thus take advantage of the aforementioned educational function


The packaging is therefore primarily recyclable and, thanks to its material and surface properties, is a quality packaging that leaves a low carbon footprint and supports the circular economy. Silicone tape enables customers without automated lines to efficiently package and seal their products.


The award ceremony will take place on 13 October at the Packaging of the Year Gala Dinner, which is part of the tenth annual Obalko Congress. The multipack is now eligible to enter WorldStar Packaging Award 2023.


About Cardbox Packaging
Packaging is an international producer of high-quality and sophisticated cardboard packaging in the luxury and branded goods sector, with a particular emphasis on the food industry. Maintaining the highest quality standards and ensuring customer satisfaction are its top priority. Cardbox Packaging benefits from its lean structure with locations in Austria (Wolfsberg and Pinkafeld), the Czech Republic (Zádveřice), Serbia (Belgrade), and the United States (Pittston, PA). It is an attractive, expert partner for the European and American markets, particularly in the confectionery, food, cosmetics, and healthcare sectors.

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