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    ChangShin Co., Ltd. provides cosmetic packaging solution, leads the industry with high quality and excellent design.

    ChangShin Co., Ltd. has made constant efforts to manufacture and provide cosmetic packaging in good quality since its inception in 1988. The Company has reinforced investment in technical development aiming at continuous quality improvement with top priority in trust and customer satisfaction. As a result, the excellence of ChangShin’s product has a reputation in the world market and domestic market both, steadily expanding its business.

    The Company quickly creates quality products by one-stop system from injection molding to post-processing in the factory.

    Placing more emphasis on intuitive beauty and the user’s convenience, ChangShin creates the products, manufactures customized packaging to meet their needs as required, and provides total service with technology consulting.


    ChangShin exerts every effort to create optimized products for customer’s needs, based on the accumulation of experience and knowhow for over 30 years.

    Its aim is to be one of the leading companies in the world with more advanced technologies.

    Outstanding Technical Skills: to create best products recognized in the world market and domestic market both, based on its experts’ leading-edge technologies and manufacturing knowhow for over 30 years

    Innovative Design:  to pursue beauty and the user’s convenience together and lead the new trend

    Strict Quality Control: by quality-focused system not allowing moving on to the next step without Quality Control Team’s approval from the product development and design to production, post-processing, and assembly

    Promise and Trust: to communicate each other truly, with top priority in honesty and customer satisfaction.