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    Charpak Ltd

    Charpak Ltd

    Charpak has been designing innovative, world class Thermo-formed packaging for the past 25 years and are confident we can offer clients the best possible packaging solution for their products and brands.

    Our focus is on designing packaging that enhances your product onshelf, driving your sales. Our specialist team work on initial concepts through to the finished product. We can provide initial rendered drawings to enable you make decisions on how your product will look onshelf, we produce prototypes in-house which enable you to see and show the product to your customers and we work with you to ensure we give you what you need.

    We guarantee the product that we design is manufacturable with quality at every stage of the process while ensuring the work is completed in the required timescale, giving the client peace of mind that any launch dates or deadlines will be met.

    We play to our many strengths….The company knows its market, can offer excellent technical support and in house tooling and prototyping that adds value to the clients packaging and the brand. We are able to work in partnership with you alongside your customers to enable you to improve sales.


    We believe sustainability is the key to the future of packaging. We design the right packaging, fit for purpose. Our company ethos is to source UK produced recycled material with full food contact approval. We see packaging reduction as something positive for our business.

    As forward-thinking market leaders we were one of the first companies in our sector to be accredited to the BRC/IOP standard for food packaging. With round the clock production to ensure flexible rapid response to our customer’s production whether it’s a short or long production run or just a sample production run for test marketing purposes.

    Charpak has evolved to embrace everything you’d expect from a visionary 21st century packaging company. We guarantee to find a solution to your needs and always deliver on time, As our company motto says..”Packaging sells your product – but only if it’s done right”…Charpak do it…RIGHT!!