Cherng Mei offers lip glosses in fun shapes

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Cherng Mei has an extensive catalog of cosmetic components. These include standard shapes and designs as well as fun, unique shapes that intrigue consumers. The collection of fun lip gloss tubes are available in a variety of shapes.

Circular & Oval

The collection of lip glosses with a Circular and Oval end stand out from the usual cubical rigid tubes.

Unique Caps with Objects

Cherng Mei has lip gloss tubes shaped like colorful umbrellas and teddy bears. These are great for gift packs, kids lip glosses, and party favors.

Wearable Tubes

Young consumers love the idea of wearing their new gloss. Cherng Mei’s Wearable Tubes come with a loop to tie a rope or chain that allows them to be worn like a necklace. They are available in both standard shapes and fun designs, like wearable tubes shaped like t-shirts.

If your brand wants to pack its lip gloss in something other than the usual square or rectangular plastic tubes, try one of Cherng Mei’s exciting options.

Cherng Mei has a wide variety of cosmetic components, contact them today to learn more.

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