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Cherng Mei’s mascara packaging solutions are sure to catch your eye! With a wide range of shapes, brush types, and materials, there is a mascara package for every type of product. These rigid tube packaging solutions are sleek and easy to use.

Contact Cherng Mei today to see what options are available for your cosmetic eye products.

Eyeliner has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Whether the style is fishtail, bat, cat, winged, flick, smudge, black, gray or neon lines... Cherng Mei's assortment of eyeliner packaging will always be on trend!

Two for one or just double the fun! Cherng Mei offers many duo make-up sticks for eyes, lips, or a combination of products. The company's selection includes a number of fun shapes as well as classic styles so there are a number of options to suit every consumer group in the cosmetic market.

Cherng Mei offers roll-on bottles in both AS and PETG. Ideal for perfume on-the-go or handy beauty treatments, the roll-on bottles include a range of petite volumes.

Ideal for powders and lip tints, Cherng Mei's cosmetic jars are perfect for individual make-up choices.

Cherng Mei offers a number of packaging options for foundation make-up products. These include cosmetic tubes, pump tubes and tottles so that the best application method can be chosen according to the product and the required make-up volume.

To cover roots or add a touch of color, mascara-style hair dye packs allow the user to control their color choice and create a new look at each and every application.

For spatulas, applicators and other complementary cosmetic items, ask Cherng Mei about the best options!

For body glitter, shimmer and shine, Cherng Mei has an easy-to-use spray pack that makes application easy.

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