Leave your mark with stylish eyeliners from Cherng Mei

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Cherng Mei has a standard collection of eyeliners for cosmetic and beauty brands that fit every brand’s needs. 

These high-performing options are easy to use and will keep consumers coming back to your brand again and again.

Eyeliner packs come with high-quality applicators and the bottles are available in a wide variety of shapes including:

Oblong End Bottles

For something that stands out, choose the PETG Oblong End Eyeliner Bottles from Cherng Mei. The wide pot makes dipping the applicator into the bottle for more product simple and easy.

Rectangular End Bottles

These classic eyeliner bottles line up easily on the shelves. Available in a wide variety of colors and with various decoration options, a PETG Rectangular End Eyeliner Bottle is always a good choice.

Irregular End Bottles with Aluminum Caps

A standard rectangular bottle is made more interesting with curvy, irregular shaped angles. The PETG "Other End" plastic bottle is completed with a shiny aluminum cap.

Check out the Cherng Mei Eyeliner Catalog to discover the other options for eyeliner bottles and applicators, including options for mascara packs as well.

Based in Taiwan, Cherng Mei provides professional cosmetic packaging to brands around the world. With 35 years of experience, they have popular stock options that can be customized to fit your brand’s distinct needs.

Contact Cherng Mei to learn more about the eyeliner options for your cosmetic brands.

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