Triple Brush, Double Applicator: Cherng Mei’s Eyebrow and Mascara Pack

  • Cherng Mei

The latest makeup and beauty trends have seen a dramatic change in the attention we pay to our eyebrows, with the recent surge of eyebrow gels and eyebrow lamination kits. Now it is more widely understood that both the eyebrows and the lashes can work in tandem to complement and frame the face.

Cherng Mei’s CB164 Eye Make-up Double Applicator caters to both the eyebrows and the lashes, housing a mascara wand at one end and eyebrow styling tools at the other.

There is not one but three brushes at work in this pack, with a bristled mascara applicator, a thick eyebrow brush and a neatening comb.

This extensive set of inner tools are dramatically displayed through transparent packaging, with a fully recyclable PETG bottle and PS over cap. The set is further highlighted by metalized golden ribbed accents and lettering.

See the full collection of duo eye makeup solutions in the catalog or contact Cherng Mei for more information

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