CKS Packaging's Handleware Pack: Ideal for Juices, Sauces, and More

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CKS Packaging provides a wide range of packaging solutions for the North American market. Among its food-grade packs, you can find the Handleware - 1092, a 65-ounce Polypropylene (PP) jug that stands as a practical choice for storing beverages like juices at home and sauces for restaurants and catering services.

The jug is manufactured in clear plastic, and PP provides great transparency that allows users to easily see the contents inside. The visible quality of a product is often a determining factor before purchase, and should never be an afterthought. This type of plastic also offers excellent mechanical properties and resistance to damage from drop mishaps.

With a capacity of 65 ounces, the jug offers ample storage space, yet it features a handle for easy and secure pouring. And it takes a further step as a convenient solution, as it is made from recyclable Polypropylene and is designed for both sustainability and durability, featuring an eco-friendly design that adds to its appeal.

Want to learn more? Contact CKS now and discover the company's incredible portfolio of packaging solutions.

*CKS is a US based supplier serving exclusively the North American market.

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