A Practical Twist for Spreads

  • CKS Packaging

CKS Packaging has got the food industry covered with its durable and innovative packaging solutions for spreads. Check out the company's 18oz clear plastic jars designed specifically for peanut butter, mayo, and similar products. Crafted from high-quality food-grade PET material, these containers guarantee optimal resistance and durability, ensuring your spreads reach the supermarket and customer in perfect condition.

The clarity of the plastic allows the vibrant colors and textures of your product to shine through, showcasing their quality, and creating an enticing visual appeal for consumers. Adding a last and innovative touch, these jars feature a thoughtfully designed ribbed bottom. This simple change serves a practical purpose: the ribbing enhances grip, making it easier to open the jar by providing extra friction when twisting the lid.

Want to learn more? Contact CKS Packaging and find the best solution for your product needs.

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