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    Coradin specializes in the design and production of injection parts for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Industries.

    The product range available comprises distribution systems, reconsitution systems, caps and closures, spatulas and accessories, and the company also produces both specific and exclusive technical pieces through its integrated research and development department. Using a variety of raw materials including PE, PP, PS, PC, surlyn, co-polyesters, PEEK, rubber and more, Coradin's dedicated team is an innovative and reliable partner.

    Producing exclusively within a clean room environment (ISO 5 and ISO 8, Class C and Class D), certifications held by the company range from quality management through to the development and manufacture of medical devices for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, ISO 9001 v2008, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 15378 (BPF).

    In addition, Coradin is an accredited 'Research and Development Tax Refund' by the French Ministry of Industry.


    Industrial Capabilities:

    • A park of 15 electric injection presses (13 JSW and 2 ENGEL) with 50-280 tons of clamping force
    • 2,500 sq m of manufacturing space 
    • Bi-material injection molding
    • Controlled clean room production facility ISO 8 et ISO 5 (laminar air flow), Class D and Class C (laminar air flow)
    • Centralized materials supply
    • Quality control laboratory
    • Computerized production control for full traceability
    • Integrated maintenance workshop