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    Cosmopak is a global cosmetic packaging supplier which focuses on innovation, quality, and service.

    We have offices in London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Sydney. Founded in 1997, Cosmopak has become a leader in packaging for make-up and personal care brands around the world.

    We are known for our first-class production and design, our commitment to extensive investment in research and development and our expanded reach into major cities across Europe, America and Asia.

    We believe that innovation, whether that consitutes a twist on a stock package, a unique design or a dispensing enhancement, allows a brand to stand out from the pack. At Cosmopak we are committed to bringing innovation to the cosmetics industry in several ways:

    1. Our in-house design department, in conjunction with our manufacturing partners, continuously develop new mechanisms, package shapes and materials to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.
    2. We work closely with our partners to pool resources and ideas in order to develop unique items at a value price point.
    3. We understand that in today's world the cost of goods is paramount to success. Our cost accounting department is always looking for ways to make packages more affordable.
    4. We seek out and support inventors and entrepreneurs to partner with Cosmopak and launch their innovations.


    Recognizing that the landscape has changed for suppliers since we started 13 years ago, Cosmopak has developed a comprehensive strategy to best service the industry.

    LOW OVERHEADS: No more fancy suits or suites. Our offices are strategically placed near our primary markets. Our team is small but efficient combining experience and mobility.

    COSMOPAK.COM: We are committed to having the most dynamic product driven website site in the industry. We have an in-house team that is constantly pushing our web platform to adapt to our changing environment. We showcase our “New Ideas” in the enhanced new products section, giving detailed information. Our 'Products' section covers 12 categories and consists of over 1,000 products. The improved search function simplifies the process of finding what you want on-line quickly.

    CONFIDENTIALITY: We do not use our clients to promote Cosmopak and work to develop products with total discretion.

    GREAT SERVICE: Whether you have made a request to us via the website, or on a call, our goal is to provide quotes and samples in 48 hours.

    PEOPLE & CLIMATE: We believe more than ever that innovation is the way forward. We have established a recycled plastic initiative which will allow us to provide environmentally conscious packaging manufactured under ethical guidelines.