Darin is a professional packaging pump and dispenser provider, focused on dispenser pumps, mist sprayers, trigger sprayers and cosmetic packaging.


Established in 1972, DARIN Co., Ltd. is a pioneering packaging company focused on dispenser pumps, mist sprayers and trigger sprayers in South Korea which supplies major Korean companies as well as internationally known brands.

DARIN's expertise in packaging dispensing systems makes it one of the leading suppliers for personal care, beauty and cosmetic businesses with its 30 extraordinary designs, utility patents and advanced technology.

DARIN was awarded the Quality Product Export Award by KITA by the Korean International Trade Association in 1997. Its strict quality management is in line with ISO 9001 standards, certified in 1998.

DARIN ensures not only to meet customer's expectations, but that satisfaction and best quality are achieved. An eco-friendly operation policy manages the entire sustainable production process, and minimizes the industrial impact to the company's surrounding area, contributing a positive effort and feedback and effort to society.

DARIN offers cost-effective products within a specific timeframe and budget. With its efficient operation, companies all over the world receive punctual delivery and guaranteed quality. DARIN's network service covers more than 40 countries, reaching diversified business scopes.

The company has successfully built up stable business partnerships with leading companies including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever and many other brand names.