Darin: Total packaging solution provider


  • Environmentally-friendly company which specializes in societal contribution
  • A top-level company and proud titled-holder of the "best dispensing system technology"
  • A corporation with quality production and exemplary client service

Darin was the first company to succeed in the development of pump dispensers in South Korea, and now benefits 80% of the domestic personal care product market.

Darin's technology was introduced in 1991 and its products are now part of everyday life around the globe in 21st century.

Pump dispensers, trigger sprayers... even though the brands and the country of manufacture are different, Darin is always around, taking a step forward, and ever responding to manufacture and develop products according to customer requests.

“We are a company that will always be available when needed.”

— Mr. Tae Hyeon Kim, CEO of Darin Co., Ltd.

Through the cooperation and integration between both our environment and society, Darin provides a total packaging solution with its focus on products that are environmental friendly. The company also benefits a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading global corporations.

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