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    Dongguan Hewang Leather Co., Ltd

    Dongguan Hewang Leather Co., Ltd

    Dong Guan He Wang Leather Co., Ltd. provides middle to high quality PU Leather

    Dong Guan He Wang Leather Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 that owns their tannery and is a supplier providing middle to high quality PU Leather. Since its establishment, we continuously strict in their work, yet they have offices and stores in Shenzhen to come into contact with a wider range of customers. In addition, Our tannery mainly focus on research and development of producing all kinds of wet PU leather, dry PU, semi PU leather, color leather PU leather and so on. They aimed on produce good quality synthetic leather.

    We have strict requirements for product quality: All of our products are tested in accordance with the latest European Union and the international environmental protection standard and passed the below tests.

    • 0
    • REACH SVHC 161
    • California 65
    • EN71
    • China packaging federation of industry standard quality detection

    In term of the Physical aspects, we can provide products according to customer requirements to ensure that the leather productions are with superior quality, for our good reputation so as for customers’ products to win at the starting line. The below test can be done with reports to customers’ hand.

    • Martindale abrasion test
    • Perspiration
    • alcohol to wipe test
    • yellowing resistance
    • hydrolysis resistance test
    • the wet rub fastness test
    • peel strength test
    • Tensile/ rent/ sewing strength test

    Through people-oriented management concept, we have established a high quality team, effective and efficient. They are all dedicated to server the international enterprises, branded customers leading to blooming business volume. With a more and more standardized and internationalized working process and the increasingly cutthroat competition, a team of tacit cooperation and customer-oriented continuously brings good results. All these years, our unremitting efforts laid a solid image to our own branding.

    Our leather is now widely used in each big brand’s mobile phone holster, tablet cases, e-book holster, computer bags, all kinds of high-end leather jewelry boxes, watches boxes, bags, handbags, furniture, branded shoes, display products, etc. We has accumulated a lot of reputed international enterprises, branded customers. For the coming future, we will strict on the product and service quality, together with the company colleagues to innovate and to become “all brand’s first choice”.

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