East Color Printing Packaging

East Color Printing Packaging

East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. provides one-stop professional printing packaging solution.

East Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. is found in 1997 of 35,000 square meters area and 1200 professional employees. The company is ISO9001 & 14001, FSC, TM, GSV certifified. After 18 years of development, the company is now a leading corporation providing one-stop services including R&D, printing, packaging & manufacturing. We can provide you gift boxes, hand-made paper bags, and many more.

Highlight of East Color Printing Packaging product:

  • Tailor-made design rigid boxes for wine, white spirit and whiskey
  • Gift pen boxes
  • Cardboard boxes for mobile devices

Special packaging decoration know-how and highlights:

  • UV reverse glazing, soft touch effect (soft touch paper, lamination and varnish), foaming UV, anti-scratch effect (anti-scratch lamination and varnish), laser engraving and so on ;
  • Black glue instead of black printing, this technique does not save the printing cost and the effect is darker, brighter, which wins the customers’ favorite.