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    Easysnap Technology has created Easysnap®, a single dose with a worldwide patented opening system, unique and revolutionary: it opens and dispenses product with only one hand, with no effort, no stress.

    Until now we are used to open a single dose container with two hands. However it was often not sufficient and we had to help ourselves with our own teeth. From now on we just have to take an Easysnap with one hand and fold it with two fingers...

    While the sachet is folded, a previously mechanically made center cut (patented) tends to break open progressively, according to the exercised pressure during folding. This allows the product to flow out in a completely controlled manner.

    Easysnap can be your best solutions with ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, melted cheese, mustard, spirits, syrups, honey, liquid medications, baby-care products, ointments, toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid hand-sanitizer, body lotions, creams, foam bath, moisturizers, sun creams, liquid detergents, promotional dispenser, and many others!

    Main advantages


    The only worldwide one hand opening and dispensing unit dose for liquid products (pouches from 1 ml to 30 ml).


    It can replace any conventional portion pack container for liquid products in the food, cosmetic, chemical and medical device industry.


    The only worldwide portion pack pouch with a one hand opening and dispensing system best suitable for use of elderly or disabled persons.

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