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    Essentia Beauty's effective refill solutions

    • Essentia Beauty

    This time there is no more place for doubt. The era is more than ever focused on the notion of “CleanBeauty”, which integrates safe formulas, transparency and preservation of the environment.

    The latest surveys prove it, an overwhelming majority of consumers would opt for new, greener solutions in terms of packaging and with cleaner formulas.

    Essentia Beauty, a Company founded by Katia De Martino, which has been offering for the past 20 years “turnkey” solutions to the Beauty packaging and formulation industry, will present at MakeUp in NewYork several innovations in the area, including “On the Go” its palette concept, very innovative in terms of design, and which is available with a refill option.

    The event will also be an opportunity for the Italian Company to present its ready to go, Cosmos certified, clean and organic ranges. A stand, #D22, worth visiting!

    “At Essentia Beauty we work on differentiating concepts,” insists Katia De Martino, CEO, “which brings real added value for the end customer. In general, we focus on innovation and integrate eco-design at two different levels: biosourced materials and more specifically refillable and reusable systems that seem to us, to date, as the most immediately adaptable solutions in a logic of plastic consumption reduction.

    “On the Go”

    This is the case with the palette “On the Go “which completely reinvents the design of a palette and which was the subject of several patents. A concept available in different designs and functionalities that we offer in a re-fill version with an eco-friendly and customizable approach, which means each consumer can adapt it according to his desires. MakeUp in New York will be the opportunity for Essentia Beauty to present it with other very interesting re-fill concepts for foundations, lipsticks along with other palettes...

    Finally, on the side of formulation, the Company will introduce organic and natural Cosmos certified “ready to go” lines. “We are also focusing on the “Clean Beauty” approach”, specifies Katia De Martino, “by taking into account the real expectations for transparency of consumers and in particular of “millennials”. In this area, it is a question of optimizing the performance and the safety of products while placing the emphasis on an unpretentious packaging approach”.

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