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    Essentia Beauty

    Essentia Beauty

    Specialized in creation and production of makeup, nail polishes, fragrances and accessories.

    Product customization and personalization are currently the hot trends in the Beauty industry.

    Essentia Beauty specializes in the creation, development and manufacture of Fragrances & Cosmetics. The Company has over 20 years of experience assisting brands and retailers with innovative beauty concepts, offering very competitive delivery times and cost structures.

    Our mission is to support brands and retailers with creative designs and tailor made formulations offering very competitive timetables and costs, thanks to a dynamic and professional staff with an almost twenty-year experience in the field.

    Our Expertise

    Our constant marketing research and long term experience allows us to better understand changing consumer demands and creates products that truly appeal to their needs. We work together with our customers to successfully adapt the selected concept to their brand identity.

    Essentia beauty’s expertise in creative marketing allows us to propose Fragrance concepts fitting with each brand’s DNA, appealing to customers’emotional desires. We work with renowned perfumers able to capture and uncover each project’s uniqueness.