New mouth Sommelier offers 3 unique benefits

There are different key moments in the opening of a bottle of wine: cut and remove part of the capsule, corkscrew support, clean extraction, pour when serving, without dripping, etc.

It's easy to use the new mouth Sommelier, you don't need to change anything!

  • Same capsule
  • Same cork
  • Same velocity on production
  • Adaptable to standard bottles
  • Same bottle height
  • Same bottle weight

3 unique benefits

The new mouth Sommelier offers us 3 unique benefits to get an improvement both esthetic and functional for wine bottles:

  • Guided, unambiguous and always-perfect cut rail
  • Anti-drip ring
  • Unique silhouette

The Sommelier groove guides the cutting edge, facilitating the cutting of the capsule. The result is a clean and straight cut. Unlike the other mouth standards, the cut rail is unambiguous and guided. In addition, Sommelier works as an anti-drip barrier.

Sommelier mouth has a continuous neck and mouth, resulting in a cleaner and more essential silhouette. In some cases, the neck also will be thicker, characteristic of bottles of higher rank and price.

Estal presents the following glass bottle models for wine, with Sommelier mouth: ALTIV, EMBLE M, SIGNO y GRAN SIGNO. See these glass wine bottles in the product catalog.

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