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Download each of these product line information sheets in PDF format directly to your device to view at your convenience and discover the delights of Estal's glass packaging.

For sustainable glam, Estal's bubbles collection is ideal for personal and home fragrances. 35% lighter, these glass bottles offer a big impact on the eye but a far lower impact on the environment thanks to reduced CO2 emissions.

Corkcoal® features 2 natural and renewable resources working together as the most sustainable stopper on the market.

Estal's Prima collection is a range of slightly asymmetrical glass wine bottles that reduce wasted production and offer individuality to each and every product

The Rude collection of spirit bottles harnesses the beauty of Estal's PCR wild glass. The bottles are designed in a perfectly recognisable way that stands out to other spirit bottles on the market.

Estal's glass bottles for spirits have their own vitality, an essence which makes them as unique and compelling as any spirit contained within.

Wine is origin, simplicity, demand and nuances - just like Estal's collection of glass wine bottles. Take a look and see for yourself.

Bottles and jars manufactured from wild glass benefit from 100% recycled glass in their composition. Unique and exquisite through their natural imperfections, wild glass products are designed with sustainability at their core.

With their unique nature and inspired textures, Estal's Wildly Crafted spirit wine bottles are ideal for packaging spirit products that require an unparalleled look that stands out from the packaging crowd.

With their unique nature and inspired textures, Estal's Wildly Crafted glass wine bottles are ideal for craft wineries that want to package their products with handmade appeal.

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