Sommelier Bold Bordeaux Bottle- The wine bottle that stands out


The Sommelier Wine Bottle from Estal continues to evolve thanks to new design proposals, bringing greater value to the most prestigious and exclusive international brands. This has given rise to the Sommelier Bold Bordeaux Bottle, which is more robust and has more personality than its sister bottles. The Sommelier Bold is here to win over the most demanding audiences and has turned the Sommelier bottle into an authentic work of art.

Since its beginnings, the functional benefits of the Sommelier wine bottle have made it the preferred choice of some of the most important wineries who are committed to making distinction, elegance, and innovative design a part of their brand image. The strength of each brand is perceived with the emotions, through the unique sensations generated by the brand’s image. It is precisely the generation of these sensations, emotions and experiences that makes Estal’s line of Sommelier bottles a guaranteed success.

Strength, balance and functional advantages

In addition to the appearance of this aesthetically balanced wine bottle, its functionality is emphasized. The innovation of the Sommelier concept lies in the union of the neck and bottle by means of a small groove that provides continuity from the shoulders to the mouth.

Its innovative design has already benefited the end consumer, but Estal have gone a step further. For Estal, it is important that design and comfort respect current trends as well as the best manufacturing conditions. That is why they value standardisation and ensure that the capsule and production speed match those of other wine bottles. Similarly, the standard weight and height have also been maintained.

A sustainable and award-winning wine bottle

The Sommelier wine bottle fulfils its mission to innovate through design, without letting this innovation hinder any level of its production. Furthermore, it is now available in Wild Glass, since sustainability is now a standard for the most environmentally conscious brands.

Estal are particularly proud when one of their designs is praised by professionals. And this is exactly what happened: the innovative design of the Sommelier wine bottle was awarded the Bronze Award for Wines at the Pentawards 2020, thanks to the work of Mario de Paolo for Brand Breeder.

If you would like to find out more about the different options available in the Sommelier Wine Bottle range, visit Estal’s online catalogue or contact them today. Estal will help turn your projects into a reality from start to finish.

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