Bubbles, sustainable glam 2022

The Bubbles Collection is coming soon. Are you ready?

There is a conviction that eco fragrances can’t be beautiful, but obviously the innovation bet always finds the top balance.

Push-Up, from wine to fragrance

Our experience in the wine market allows us to understand that bottle push-ups can be used to make bottles bigger and more premium-looking without compromising their weight in comparison with glass accumulation techniques.

On top of that, push-ups are highly distinctive.

Benefits of the Bubble collection

  • 35% LIGHTER

Wide neck, visual weight

We have designed a wide neck to offer a greater visual weight to the bottle and to increase the closure possibilities.

This also helps to balance the overall visual weight of the bottle, traditionally focused on the bottom part with the glass accumulation (or the push-up in this case) whilst at the same time adding another layer of uniqueness.

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