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Make a Mark: experiencing packaging design

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Estal, Avery Dennison and LEONHARD KURZ have proposed that the TOP packaging design agencies demonstrate that creativity has no limits and that thinking freely can take packaging design to unexplored places and unreached limits. And all of this is thanks to the Make a Mark initiative.

“The imagination is limited by reality. One cannot imagine what does not exist.” These words were uttered by Federico García Lorca in a speech titled Imagination, Inspiration, Evasion. But what if he was wrong? What would happen if we brought together 18 designers who love glass bottles and the world of packaging, labelling and packing design and asked them to create a brand out of their desire to create something new? This was the starting point of this initiative. The results of the first edition were successfully presented at Luxe Pack Monaco 2021.

Love of glass bottles and more

Make a Mark has provided a unique opportunity to promote discussion and share ideas. Through the initial project, a “dynamic and creative community of thinkers and rebels” has been created, “showing the magic that happens when all parts of the chain work together”, according to those responsible for this initiative.

All the designers and creatives taking part in this project are developing concepts around core elements such as sustainability, luxury and innovation. Access to some of the recent developments in the industry has meant that participants have been able to use the latest packaging technologies to bring their ideas to life, without limits.

The most prestigious packaging design agencies that took part in the first edition of this project are very well-known and valued in the sector and they have won multiple awards. As for their location, they are scattered all around the world: from Argentina to Australia, from England to Mexico, passing through the United States, Switzerland, Chile, South Africa, China, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

The result? At Luxe Pack Monaco

The work carried out by these 18 designers and creatives was presented between the 27th and 29th at Luxe Pack Monaco 2021, where the creative process was exhibited with proposed concepts and designs and brought to life by the different creators and agencies.

At ESTAL, we have been committed to the innovation in packaging design for wine and spirits bottles for more than 25 years. Therefore, if you would like to see all our latest designs, we suggest taking a look at our new online catalogue and, if you wish, requesting samples of our designs.

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