Rude and Prima: sustainable bottles and circular economy

Sustainable bottles that add value to each product, not only with an appearance that is a distinctive and distinguishing feature of the brand, but also by caring for the environment. Increasingly, consumers are demanding a commitment to the planet and are turning to companies which are capable of tackling the challenges posed by both the present and the future, such as circular economy, waste management, reuse and recycling.

Circular economy in action

Sharing resources, reusing, renting the things that we only need occasionally, restoring old items… All of these ways of not buying something new and tackling the issue of energy and resource wastage, as well as not creating any more waste for the planet, are part of a circular economy. It’s all about products having a longer life, extending their life cycle and therefore adding value to each use.

Minimising the waste we throw away, by keeping the product in the chain of use until it can no longer be used, is what the circular economy is all about, which completely departs from the throwaway mentality of single-use products in favour of saving energy and resources and, most of all, in favour of reducing waste.

Another factor that this production model avoids is the continuous demand for raw materials and natural resources, as well as the dependence on the countries that have them.

European regulations

The importance of working in this way, in favour of sustainability, has led the European Community to create laws and present the framework for the European Green Deal in 2020, which is pushing for a change in legislation. With this modification, the aim is to encourage an effective change in the current model of waste production and generation, in order to gradually replace it with a truly circular economy.

For all of these reasons, at ESTAL we have been introducing a wide range of sustainable bottle designs in Wild Glass, a leading example not only in design, due to its hand-crafted appearance and contemporary colour, but because it is made from 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) glass. And further expanding the options on that basis, we would like to present Rude and Prima, innovative alternatives with a natural, ecological and organic design.

At ESTAL, we are fortunate to work with a versatile material that allows for recycling and reuse. But beyond that, we have been committed for years to continue creating and designing more sustainable bottles, aiming for continuous improvement that allows us to become more efficient and increasingly contribute to caring for the planet. Because we believe in this and we strive to make things better every day, we have created our new sustainable bottles: Prima and Rude. We invite you to get to know them!

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