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Dragon Rouge selects the Estal DAO Bassin bottle for its broad, confident shape

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The great dynasties of ancient China held grand ceremonies to pay tributes to the Gods. One of the main rituals involved the Emperor making an offering of wine. Inspired by the highly respectful and complex etiquette observed during such rituals, Dragon Rouge was prompted to celebrate the history of Chinese wine. 

The Dragon Rouge team has incorporated the wine offering ritual in each step of the design process. They selected the Estal DAO Bassin bottle because of its broad, confident shape, symbolizing the Emperor.

Fasson Cotton Touch textured paper was chosen for the label, as it has luxurious touch, seen through the bottle to magnify the finer points, The Twelve Ornaments have been brought to life on the back using Kurz printing technology.

All combined, the overall design projects a sense of solemnity and respect that is rich in detail.

Do you want to know more about the Dragon Rouge project? Visit makeamark.world.

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