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Distinctive identity is developed thanks to Estal's WCR Primal

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The “dream-project concept” provided Servaire & Co with an opportunity to challenge tradition. The French Paradoxe identity, inspired by Cassandre’s work, distinguishes itself by its elegance and bold audacity.

The logotype echoes French characters such as Peignot and its contrasting thick and thin strokes evoke the elegance of letterings like the Yves Saint Laurent logo (also created by Cassandre). The synergy between classic French and contemporary references gives the typeface a strong personality that’s enhanced further by the choice of symbols: the colors of the French flag and the Gallic Rooster.

A distinctive identity was developed using the Estal WCR Primal bottle as base for an amalgamation of bright colors, Kurz hot stamping decoration, embossing, debossing and micro-embossing textures, as well as different varnishes. Using Fasson Paper Watermark to bring out the textures, each product is a masterpiece: ideal bottles made with ethical values.

Discover the magnificent design of Servaire & Co for the makeamark.world.

Discover more glass spirit bottles offered by Estal.

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